SA fails in proper planning

Perhaps the one thing more important to college students than beer or sex is getting an apartment. So, when only 160 students attend a housing bazaar put on by the Student Association, it’s a flop.

Wednesday’s bazaar was plagued by dismal attendance but the miffed landlords who wasted their time don’t blame the students. They blame the SA.

First, they hated the location—right next to a big exhibit about condoms. Ah, but the SA hated that display, too, and had it changed.

Second, the landlords hated the advertising, or what there was of it. Most said they saw little or no publicity and no one was spreading the word.

Then, they thought it wasn’t organized. Six landlords didn’t even show up and some more weren’t even contacted.

What’s going on here? Finally, the SA seems to be looking out for the students they supposedly serve rather than wasting time on internal squabbles. Unfortunately, they blow it and no one shows up.

Instead, their big accomplishment Wednesday was making the condom exhibit a little less offensive. But it came too late. The housing bazaar already was a disaster.

It’s good to see the SA getting around to do what they should have been doing all along, but it’s sad to see the results.

Hopefully, the SA will use this to realize the potential of turning out meaningful and important services for students, but also learn careful planning and organization is a must.