Bill to address NIU curriculum

By Brian Slupski

A bill which mandates universities to offer course work in cultural diversity will be discussed Wednesday at the Faculty Senate meeting.

A resolution which in essence supports the mandate will be introduced to the senate, but it is not known if a vote will take place on the measure.

University Council Executive Secretary J. Carroll Moody said in the past the senate has been wary of bills which instruct universities as to the kinds of curriculum they should offer.

“We (the senate) are not taking a position on the intent of the bill; we are saying the legislature shouldn’t be telling us what we ought to have,” Moody said.

The senate in the past has felt that decisions relating to curriculum should be campus generated and not state mandated, he said.

Another issue which will be raised at the meeting will concern the hiring of NIU graduates by the university.

The resolution states that graduates from NIU will not be hired by NIU without the permission of the dean of the college applied for and the provost. The applicant will also have to have some substantive experience outside NIU after graduation.

“The idea is that a person who gets a doctoral degree and training from NIU will have a similar approach and techniques about teaching as the faculty which taught the applicant,” Moody said.

Not hiring NIU graduates is part of an effort to get “new blood” into NIU.

Moody did say there are instances when a graduate of a university will go off and have a very distinguished career and then return to his alma mater.