SA to discuss new topics

By Jayna Ronayne

Although the agenda for Sunday’s Student Association meeting doesn’t hold any budgets or impeachments as in previous weeks, there will be new topics open for discussion.

SA Senate Speaker Mike Starzec said no pressing business would be discussed at the meeting but did have an idea of what might come up there.

“We might possibly talk about what’s happening with the Board of Regents and the proposed tuition increase by the BOR of 10 percent,” he said.

Starzec said the tuition issue is important because of the possible negative impact it could have on various scholarship programs at NIU.

“I also sent to the University of South Carolina for a retention program that worked really well there,” he said.

The program, called “University 101,” is a three-hour class where people without the academic potential learn about counseling, how to fit in and how to survive college.

“It’s like a more in-depth, semester-long orientation,” Starzec said. “Those enrolled also get to meet people in the same situation as them and become close and personal with professors.”

Starzec also said the SA president’s report might discuss Friday’s Committee on Organization, Productivity and Salaries meeting, so SA President Preston Came might comment on La Tourette’s decision about budget cuts and faculty increases.

“There won’t be any policies or resolutions discussed,” Starzec said.