Simply a reelection scheme

The idea of NIU dropping its governing board is a good one; but it won’t happen.

If NIU had its own governing board or reported directly to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, it could cut through some of the bureaucracy red tape.

But the question is raised as to why the bill is being introduced again. The idea of NIU dissolving the Board of Regents has been seen since 1957.

The answer is simple. The person sponsoring the bill, Brad Burzynski, R-Sycamore, is running for reelection.

La Tourette had the issue pegged right when he said, “Whenever there is a campaign, the issue comes up.”

The reasoning behind why DeKalb residents would care if NIU retains or dissolves its governing board is unclear.

Burzynski seems to think money will be saved by cutting the Regents. No proof, however, has been offered to back this up.

Burzynski said he estimates $3.9 million could be saved by eliminating the Regents and the Board of Governors. However, Burzynski fails to take into account the cost of the universities setting up their own governing boards or the cost of setting up staff to report directly to the IBHE. There might not be any savings when the plan is looked at from all angles.

If Burzynski’s campaign depends on the passing of this bill; he’s in trouble.