Is it wrong?

Interracial relationships: are they good or bad? Who really can say? There are only opinions, and I am writing to express mine.

It seems that most people feel that interracial relationships are wrong and that most of the time the negative aspects outweigh the positive ones. After sitting down with some of my friends and asking them how they felt about these relationships, I came up with these simple observations. The reason most of my friends would not enter an interracial relationship is because of their family and friends. They are afraid their family would not accept the relationship and that they would be disowned. They are also afraid of how their friends would react to this person outside of their race. After listening to the responses to my question, I tried to come up with some simple solutions, but the answers are not easy to come by. After thinking for a while I realized that there are no true answers, just opinions—and here is mine.

I believe that these relationships should be dealt with by the couple only, not family or friends. When dealing with these relationships, family and friends should express their opinions to the couple whether they are negative or positive. Explain to the couple why you feel this way; they might understand. If not, do not disown them or stop being their friend because this is not going to solve anything. Let them do as they please because they will no matter how you act or what you say. If you care anything about that person, you will be beside him or her no matter what he decides, or how things turn out. Being there is what he needs no matter who is right or wrong. You wouldn’t want to lose a loved one over differences of opinion.

I wrote this letter because as I look around campus, I see more and more of these relationships and the problems surrounding them. I give my opinion because I feel it might help everybody deal with these relationships better, no matter who is right or wrong.

C.L. Washington


Computer Science