Some student workers aren’t getting paid on time, according to NIU


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NIU’s new CFO has years of experience in education finance, according to the board’s meeting report on Nov. 10, 2022.

DeKALB — Some hard-working students at NIU are not being paid, and both students and parents are expressing frustration. There are many students with on campus jobs that have not been paid since early August, according to NIU as well as many students and parents.

According to a news release from NIU, the amount of new student workers on campus overwhelmed the university and has resulted in delays in paying students, and Human Resource Services expects to pay affected students no later than Sept. 30.

“More than 2,000 students have been hired for on-campus jobs this fall, approximately double the number of a year ago,” said in a university statement sent to the Northern Star. “Receiving and processing the large amount of paperwork that goes with completing the hiring process for such a large group has resulted in delays in paying some of those students. The university regrets any delays and asks students who have any questions, need support, or who would like to request a printed check prior to Sept. 30., to contact the Center for Student Assistance via email or 815-753-8300.”

J.J. Hernandez is a junior business management major and the executive chairman of Huskies After Dark, an organization at NIU that plans and organizes social events for students at the Holmes Student Center.

Hernandez started his job in the first week of August and has yet to be paid. “The only reason I’ve stayed is because it’s not really a job for me,” Hernandez said. He said that there is a bigger picture when working his job; meaning that he stays at his job so that NIU students feel that they belong and fit in. 

Hernandez said that he does not know why he has not been paid yet. “Nobody really knows what’s going on,” Hernandez said. He mentioned that his human resources team has been very helpful and has worked hard to sort the issue out, but nothing has come of it yet.

Hernandez explained that not being paid for over a month has made it difficult to pay for things such as rent, car payments and bills.

“NIU should compensate losses, there’s no secret that college students are broke,” Hernandez said.

Ty Evans, a sophomore business major, also shared his thoughts on the matter. Evans has worked at NIU’s Recreation Center since August of 2021.

Evans said he began work at the center again this semester in mid-August and hasn’t been paid yet. “Give students more benefits than just being paid for what they worked,” Evans said. He also said that NIU should have an option to allow these paychecks that students are waiting for to go directly towards future tuition payments.

Students deal with stressors like deadlines for assignments, balancing their time between school and work and paying for tuition and living arrangements. Students employed by NIU may face additional stress due to having to worry about being paid on time.

“It’s been hard, I’ve had to rely on others or spend the bare minimum everywhere I went,” Evans said. Ty added that it was very stressful when he had to buy books and materials for his classes.

Evans and other workers of the NIU Recreation Center were told they would be paid Thursday, Sept. 15.

Students are not the only ones who are concerned with this issue. Many parents of student workers have voiced their opinions on the matter via the NIU Parents Facebook page. The fact that many students rely on these jobs for basic expenses was brought up by parents. Parents are upset and confused as to why their children are not being paid for their work.

Many of the parents have said it has been over a month since their students have been paid, as they are also looking for answers from the university. Parents seemed to agree that the university should have sent out a memo or an email explaining the situation and when their children can expect to get paid.