Fee problems

College of Business Students: Where do your lab fees go?

I noticed a new computer lab on the third floor in Wirtz with color monitors and much nicer furniture than the other labs in Wirtz Hall. I was disappointed to find a sign which stated that I was not allowed in that lab unless a professor scheduled a class there. There was also a line in the upstairs and downstairs labs while the new lab was empty and the attendant was doing nothing.

It has also been brought to my attention that for a one-time $10 fee, the engineering school has computers available to their students throughout their entire college program. I’ve paid at least $300 in lab fees and I’ve only been here for two and one-half years—not my entire college program— and I paid a lot more than $10.

One would think that a “College of Business” could run more efficiently and allocate the charges made in a more useful way. I might actually consider donating money to Northern as an alum—NOT!! Good luck getting your act together.

Tim Sagi