Concerns expressed

The following is a copy of a letter submitted to Gov. Jim Edgar, sent to the Northern Star, by the operating staff council.

Dear Governor Edgar:

The Operating Staff Council of Northern Illinois University, representing approximately 1800 civil service employees, would like to express the following concerns:

The lack of cooperation among our Governor, senators and state representatives has now placed the state employee in a very precarious situation. The lack of funding for our health care, retirement system and educational programs at all levels leaves a question of “what next?” in our minds. We now question if this group of elected officials can work together to resolve the predicament now facing higher education.

What happened to the agreements, commitments, and laws that constitutionally guaranteed funding for higher education?

Why does Illinois continue to rank in the lower 10% of states in regards to funding of education?

We do not envy the monumental task facing our elected officials, but we must voice our concerns about their ability to solve the state’s fiscal problems.

This mismanagement of the financial budget in our state must stop! The time is now for cooperation and compromise. If this disregard for these obligations continues, it is our intention to begin looking very hard at those elected officials who have been involved. Be assured we will do whatever is necessary to encourage you to fulfill your legal obligations.

Help us to make Illinois an example of a state with budgetary responsibility without sacrificing state employees. Bring back our commitment to the future with funding for education at all levels.

Northern Illinois University

Operating Staff Council