NIU to participate in Campus Challenge

By Sheryl Cajka

NIU students will have the opportunity to be recognized as America’s best college athlete.

Two major events will be part of the Campus Challenge sponsored by Reebok, said Deb Owen, intramural sports coordinator of the office of Campus Recreation.

The first event is the “Reebok PUMP Decathlon,” which consists of ten athletic activities, she said. The student with the highest score will become the campus champion.

The five campus champions with the highest scores will go to the National Championship at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in May. The champions will compete against Dan O’Brien, the world’s top-ranked decathlete.

The second event is the “Reebok Fraternity Cup,” which gives fraternities the chance to prove their athletic skills, she said.

The fraternity scoring the highest in individual and team intramural sports will receive the Reebok Fraternity Cup.

For the first time, NIU has been chosen to participate in the event because it is widely known for the intramural program, Owen said. This year’s turnout will determine if NIU will participate again.

“We developed this program to challenge and showcase the athletes of tomorrow,” said Mark Holtzman, Reebok sports promotions director. “The Reebok Campus Challenge is designed to bring out the spirit of excellence and achievement.”

Students interested in testing their athletic abilities can sign up for the events at the rec center, Owen said. The decathlon will be held on Feb. 28 and 29. The deadline is Feb. 24, and the fee is $2 for each person.

In addition to these events, Reebok will host a Mystery Spotter Contest on Wed., Feb. 26. Anyone seen wearing Reebok shoes on campus will win another pair of shoes and other prizes.

Reebok also will display their shoes at the Pump Proving Zone in the rec center lobby on Thurs., Feb. 27, Owen said.