SA continues with approval of budgets

By Jayna Ronayne

The second of this semester’s Student Association meetings introduced five new senate members and continued with the approval of more budgets.

The SA approved the following budgets:

‘African Students’ Union: requested—$4,199.80, approved—$1,519

‘Campus Activities Board (speakers): requested—$53,662.90, approved—$41,251.90.

‘CAB—Unity and Diversity: requested—$6,475.58, approved—$5,675.58.

‘CAB Speakers-Mid-Level (supplemental): requested—$5,000, approved—$5,000.

‘CAB Speakers-Mid-Level: requested—$23,113.98, approved—$20,613.98.

‘CAB Travel: requested—$5,006.80, approved—$4,981.80

‘CAB Films-Mid-Level: requested—$8,307.20, approved—$7,846.80.

‘CAB Films – Cine Club: requested—$19,064.80, approved—$19,064.80.

‘Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS): requested—$1,254.40, approved—$1,254.40.

‘WKDI: requested—$33,111.35, approved—$32,854.35.

‘Student Association: requested—$89,610, approved—$89,610.

‘SA Public Relations: requested—$572, approved—$572.

‘SA Community Affairs: requested—$1,368.50, approved—$1,368.50.

‘CAB Concerts: requested—$41,161.15, approved—$39,679.85.

‘CAB Concerts-Mid-Level: requested—$17,797, approved—$17,797.

‘SA Minority Relations: requested—$500, approved—$500.

‘Student Committee On Financial Aid (SCOFA): requested—$4,253, approved—$4,253.

‘La Crosse: requested—$900, approved—$900.

‘SA Advertising: requested—$2,987, approved—$2,987.

In addition to the many budget approvals, there was also a motion carried to recognize three new organizations: Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the Hillel Jewish Student Organization and the Logistics Management Association.