D-Phi-E to break ground on new house

By Terri Sorrentino

An NIU sorority will be breaking ground on a new house after a wait of several years.

The ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon will hold a ceremony on Sunday at 1 p.m. to kick off construction of their new house. The house will be built on Annie Glidden Road just north of Hillcrest Drive.

D-Phi-E Vice President Ann Roberts said 45 members will be able to live in the house by the fall semester.

NIU alumni and the national sorority chapter arranged the construction and payment of the home. “Our alumni and nationals helped our chapter get loans and find an architect,” Roberts said.

The D-Phi-E members have been living in an apartment building for the last year, so the house is coming at a much needed time. House Secretary Leslie Klanyac said living in an apartment was a transition for the chapter and having a new home will be a great improvement.

D-Phi-E President Liz Pickle said the new house has been a dream of the chapter for ten years.

“The new house offers rejuvenated hope and gives excellent opportunities for expansion,” Pickel said. “D-Phi-E deserves this symbol of dedication, support and hard work of our members.”

Vice President of Alumni Ellen Alper and Area Adviser Ann Staudt are expected to host the ceremony.