Join the Northern Star for 2022 midterm election coverage


By Colin Kempsell

With Election Day approaching on Nov. 8, political campaigns in the state of Illinois will continue to escalate through the end of the month and beyond. Join the Northern Star in comprehensive election coverage, from local races in DeKalb to the gubernatorial race.


The Northern Star will cover three primary areas of political interest: DeKalb county, U.S. congress and Illinois governor elections.

Election coverage will be released periodically in the coming weeks, covering candidate’s profiles to best inform readers of campaign platforms and issues in the state.

Profiles of candidates will be structured by one-on-one interviews or expert opinion and research. Candidate information will be located on the upcoming election coverage hub on the Northern Star home page.

The Northern Star is an independent publication with no endorsements from political figures; all coverage will holistically detail candidates and their opponents.


Outside of candidate profiles and interviews, opinion, lifestyle and multimedia sections at the Northern Star will also be publishing content relating to election coverage.

Stay tuned for informative pieces, political columns and photo galleries leading up to Nov. 8.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in our election coverage are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the Northern Star. The Northern Star is an independent publication with no political endorsements. Any political advertisements published on our website are wholly paid for by political candidates.