Help make a difference at NIU

Let your voices be heard.

As students of NIU and members of the DeKalb community, put this newspaper to use. It is a forum where ideas and opinions can be expressed and heard.

There is no better way to get your opinion across to the public than with the issue pages. If there is a problem with housing, students or the university in general, write a letter to the editor. These editorial pages belong to the reader.

The editorial board, consisting of Mark McGowan, editor-in-chief, Sabryna Cornish, managing editor, Michael McCulloh, editorial editor and Eric Krol, news editor, represent diverse views and backgrounds and will give the opinions page a fresh outlook on topical issues. Opinions other than the editorial board’s can best be conveyed to the public through these pages.

And with three new columnists, Jayna Ronayne, Wes Sweitek and Paul Kirk added to our returning columnists, Ken Goze and Eric Krol, readers can enjoy a unique balance of ideas.

Letters must be approximately 500 words and the right is reserved to hold or edit a letter if necessary. The author’s phone number should also be included so the letter can be verified.

The Northern Star can help change administrative policies by presenting to officials the students’ views on controversial issues such as the Student Life Center and the probable hike in tuition which might not benefit students.

Show the administration you care about how your money is being spent.