Duke should be allowed to run

Former Klansman David Duke should be allowed on the Illinois ballot, but that certainly is no reason for voters to even consider or elect him.

The state’s Republican party is planning to find some way to block Duke’s bid, especially if he plans to run on the GOP ticket. It’s easy to understand why. What party would want someone with a Ku Klux Klan background running under its name?

A petition to put Duke on the ballot came in on time and had more than enough signatures. Former syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan also made it on the ticket.

But the party still plans to check it out. They’ll probably look high and low for any loophole which could bounce Duke off the ballot or at least into independence.

For now, they’re planning to undermine his bid by saying he has no true state delegates, just people who signed his petition.

Duke already lost a spot on the ticket in Wisconsin and courts in Florida, Georgia and Rhode Island are considering doing the same. Illinois should go against the tide and let Duke run.He has a right to run for public office. His petitions are in and ready. Granted, no one should vote for him but he should have the chance to run.

If anything, it would make a stronger case for George Bush by not dividing the ticket. Serious contenders for the same spot will scatter votes, leaving no one with a clear lead.

Let David Duke run. Democracy can get rid of him, just like Louisiana learned. Denying him the right of running will just mangle up the courts.