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Internet vulnerability causes wireless, password problems

Christianah Olojede, junior rehabilitation service major; Megan Taylor, junior rehab counseling major; and Nicoya Parer, senior public health major, work on a group presentation for their counseling class Thursday in the computer lab of Founders Memorial Library.

Carlos Galvez

May 4, 2014

With Internet Explorer being vulnerable to malicious viruses, students are recommended by ITS to use a different Web browser to prevent harm to their computers.NIU’s Wi-FiOn an average weekday, NIU has up to 20,000 unique devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, said Cindy Phillips, director of IT Cus...

NIU switches to Google

Sierra Lowe

September 4, 2012

Google has reached NIU. With the efforts of Information Technology Service’s (ITS) Green Up initiative, students this semester have switched to a new system that provides access to variety of Google applications. Part of the reason the ITS sought to use Google was because they believed there is too mu...

NIU will no longer print telephone directory

Northern Star Photo Illustration

Hailey Kurth

February 28, 2012

Every day, students look past the telephone directories stacked in various campus buildings without a thought of what they contain. The directory includes personal information for students: their home or school address and occasionally a phone number; and for some, all of the above. It also contains inf...

Exploring the context of texting

Felix Sarver

September 26, 2011

Junior NIU NGOLD student Matt Jennings, has a father who may be a pioneer of text-speak.Jennings said his dad likes to use letters and acronyms when texting him, some of which are his dad's own creation."He'll use ‘c home' to mean coming home," Jennings said. "When he's on the job he'll use ‘j b home.'"Stude...

Wavering wireless internet

Candice Beasley

March 1, 2011

Students may have noticed wireless Internet access is weaker, and sometimes unavailable, around campus. Cindy Phillips, director of Information Technology Services, said NIU realizes a fully wireless campus is not only valuable but the direction in which the university needs to go to serve students and faculty...