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Students Save Money by Searching Thrift Store Racks

Ashley Hines

September 22, 2018

If you’re a college student who needs cheap clothes, there's a simple option: thrifting. This method of shopping allows you to buy used clothes for an affordable price at a secondhand shop.Before you begin to thrift shop, there are certain steps you should take. The first one is to know what exactly you’re look...

Pass/Fail: SA holds courses on sexual prevention; People don’t agree with minimum wage

Taylor Reese

November 24, 2014

Pass: SA holds courses on sexual preventionThe Student Association sponsored a series of Rape Aggression Defense training sessions, an informative seminar on teaching women self-defense techniques, which end today.These sessions were a great addition to NIU because they brought awareness to violence against wo...

Local fire departments visit schools, host tours for Fire Prevention Week

October 12, 2011

It may be called Fire Prevention Week, but DeKalb Fire Lt. Luke Howieson hopes people remember fire safety tips they've learned this week all year long.The DeKalb and Sycamore Fire Departments are participating in Fire Prevention Week, which takes place from Oct. 9 to 15.Howieson said the DeKalb Fire Dept. ...

Study indicates violent video games have real-life adverse effects

Northern Star Photo Illustration | A recent study by the
University of Missouri finds that gamers have a reduced response to
violence and a predicted increase in agression after playing.

Chelsey Boutan

September 7, 2011

When you're playing a violent video game, you are aware of what your eyes and hands are doing, but your brain is a mystery. A recent University of Missouri study on college students found out what's going on in gamers' brains when they play violent games - a reduced response to violence and a predicted increase in aggression after playing. ...

Proposed voter registration laws are undemocratic

Proposed voter registration laws are undemocratic

Philip Case

March 20, 2011

The most telling indicator of whether a society is truly democratic is the ability of its citizens to freely and openly voice their opinions. This fundamental right takes its form in many incarnations, such as protesting, handing out pamphlets or standing atop a soapbox and proselytizing to indifferent p...

Attorney general asks students to be aware of time share scams

Ryan Chambers

October 11, 2010

College students everywhere should be on the lookout for various scams, including the recent increase in timeshare scams. According to a statement recently released by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Illinois residents should be on alert for scam artists preying on owners of vacation time shares. Time shares are...