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STEM offers kids hands-on learning

STEM offers kids hands-on learning

By James Casey | October 20, 2013

If you didn’t have a chance to make it to STEMfest Saturday, the STEM Outreach program works all year to satisfy and spark scientific curiosities.I sat in on an Outreach meeting as STEMfest was approaching. While the fest is able to draw hoards of people...

Garden group hopes to help needy

By James Casey | October 13, 2013

I worry many of us often neglect to learn about the food we eat. Fortunately, DeKalb County Community Gardens is attempting to stop this problem one garden at a time.Food insecurity is how the USDA measures people’s lack of access to nutritional food...

Healthy diets easy, but take commitment

By James Casey | September 24, 2013

I believe many Americans think they aren’t fixing an issue unless they throw money at it, but there’s no reason to spend a lot to eat healthy.The key to making a change is free; it simply involves making a serious mental commitment. At that point...

Learn to resist lure of buffet

By James Casey | September 17, 2013

When I was 10 years old, I would treat a buffet as a challenge.I would either try to eat more than some of my family members or I would try to beat my own records. I once ate 12 cinnamon rolls at an Old Country Buffet. My family and friends would comment...

Getting tested: sign of trust, honesty

By James Casey | September 10, 2013

If you’re starting an intimate relationship with somebody, it is important to discuss sexually transmitted infections as early as possible.There’s an obvious problem with this conversation: It’s a bit awkward to bring up and can be a mood killer....

Eating well on the go not impossible

By James Casey | September 3, 2013

I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I have the feeling my schedule makes it impossible.Convinced I wasn’t alone in this feeling, I set out to ask fellow students how their dietary habits may differ when they’re on the go.“They change because you’re...

Organic produce worth an extra buck

By James Casey | August 29, 2013

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to adopt a smart and healthy diet.There are some instances where spending a little more right now may go a long way toward not only your future health, but also feeling good immediately. I consider myself quite...