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New Mexico bid for recreational marijuana is all but doomed

By MORGAN LEE | February 13, 2020

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico's bid to become the 12th U.S. state to legalize recreational use of marijuana abruptly fell flat after state senators in a legislature dominated by Democrats rejected a bill that would have forced permission for sales...

Pass, Fail: WNIJ provides marijuana forum, state can’t reach budget agreement

By Abby Zaccaria | July 6, 2015

See what’s a pass and what’s a fail as judged by Perspective Columnist Abby Zaccaria.PassWNIJ recently provided public forum to discuss medial marijuana in Illinois.Community members who participated in Context: Medical Marijuana and Illinois had...

NIU College of Law to hold Medical Marijuana Symposium

NIU College of Law to hold Medical Marijuana Symposium

By Northern Star staff | March 3, 2015

The College of Law will hold a Medical Marijuana Symposium 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April 17 in Altgeld Hall, Room 315.This event is a conference to discuss Illinois’ marijuana pilot program, according to an NIU news release. Illinois’ marijuana regulation...

Medical Marijuana

Regulations limit use, selling of medical marijuana in DeKalb

By Stoney Stone | February 4, 2014

Locals have reservations about laws being considered to regulate medical marijuana.The proposed laws would be among the strictest of the states that allow for medical marijuana. The proposed laws were published so the public could comment before Friday.After...

Council makes changes to reflect state law

By Lark Lewis | January 14, 2014

City Council looked at what role DeKalb will play in the state’s recently enacted medical marijuana and concealed carry laws at its meeting Monday.DeKalb has ordinances that prohibit the use of guns and the possession of drug paraphernalia and weed,...

City Council plans to discuss 2014 laws tonight

By Stoney Stone | January 13, 2014

City Council meets today to discuss changes to DeKalb’s municipal code in response to state legalization of medical marijuana and concealed carry.The City Council meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the municipal building, 200 S. Fourth St.City attorney...

NIU community reacts to marijuana bill

By Julia Boyle | April 30, 2013

An Illinois bill would allow some people to obtain a medical marijuana card if it is approved by the Illinois Senate and governor. It will allow the purchase and possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a two-week period. J. Mitch Pickerill, a political...

Illinois General Assembly to look at medical marijuana laws

By Alex Yorko | December 3, 2012

The Illinois General Assembly will vote on the legalization of medical marijuana this month. State Representative Lou Lang, D-Skokie, the chief sponsor of Illinois’ legalization bill, pushed the vote in the General Assembly to later this month during...

State persecutes medical marijuana users

By Letter to the Editor | September 1, 2010

Why is Illinois trying to pass a law[on medical marijuana] that was already passed in 1978?For 32 years this state has had thislaw [the Cannabis Control Act] on books. This law was to beimplemented by our state's public health department who failed todo...

Medical marijuana can only benefit patients

By Letter Writer | August 30, 2010

As someone who has seen the benefits of medical cannabis personally, it is unconscionable for the lawmakers in the state to withhold vital treatment to patients. After open heart surgery with lots of complications, one of which left me blind, I was seen...