State persecutes medical marijuana users

By Letter to the Editor

Why is Illinois trying to pass a law

[on medical marijuana] that was already passed in 1978?

For 32 years this state has had this

law [the Cannabis Control Act] on books. This law was to be

implemented by our state’s public health department who failed to

do their job.

The people have a right to know their

state has not only persecuted its citizens who have medical

problems, but mislead and enforced a law illegally.

I wonder how many of my fellow

citizens realize the truth. Propaganda put out by our state and the

U.S. government have not been proven in the numerous studies done


This government has been putting

people in jail for political reasons just like Russia and Cuba, yet

claim a moral high ground.

That’s a joke, politicians with

morals. Yet they have no problems telling me what my morals should

be. What is immoral is the state not recognizing that this law was

passed and never acted upon for its purpose to help medically-ill

people, not make them criminals.

Victor Polz