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The Forward, Together Forward memorial outside Cole Hall honors the lives of the five students lost in the Feb. 14, 2008, shooting.

Letter to the editor: ‘Northern Strong’

By Loring Olk | February 14, 2023

***Editor’s Note: Letters to the editor are the author’s opinion alone*** On this day of remembrance, I am at once sad for the tragedy of the lives taken, students wounded and deep wound inflicted upon my alma mater, my school; Northern Illinois...

Letter to the editor: NIU needs political diversity

By Wayne Lela | October 28, 2020

According to a mandatory diversity training “Conversations on Diversity and Equity” seminar at NIU that is required for all student organization leaders, the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered an example of so-called “anti-blackness.”  Things...

Letter to the editor: Peaceful protesters

By Frank Beierlotzer | June 24, 2020

This letter is to all peaceful protesters. I believe there are probably a few bad apples in every profession of work and area of our society. Please, just look around and see if you agree with me. The First Amendment of our Constitution allows the...

Letter to the editor: criminal justice for minors

By Matt Karstens | October 23, 2019

Letters to the editor are the the author's opinion alone Illinois Takes a Positive Step Forward in Criminal Justice for Minors HB 351, signed into law by Gov. Pritzker and became effective June 1, is a step in the right direction for Illinois by providing...

Letter to the Editor: Refocus SA

By Christine Wang & Rachel Jacob | April 1, 2019

Letters to the editor are the the author's opinion aloneAs alumnae, we would much prefer to allow our successors room to grow and lead. However, when unwarranted accusations of past misappropriations, bias and targeting surface past the ends of our terms,...

Physical Plants flood cleanup applauded I want to congratulate and thank the staff of the NIU Physical Plant for all they have done and are continuing to do in the aftermath of campus flooding. They have been working around the clock to get all classrooms and office space on campus ready for the start of classes. The Art Building was particularly hard-hit, and the crews are continuing their efforts to ready the classrooms for later this week. I am deeply humbled by their dedication and tireless efforts. My hats off to all involved in the massive cleanup effort. Rich Holly Acting director, School of Art

Letter to the Editor: Student Enrollment

By Kevin Nedberg | September 19, 2018

Enrollment in university always has and always will be a struggle, and I think most institutions recognize that. However, I think NIU should pat itself on the back for the efforts made to both stabilize and increase our enrollment.I do, however, think...

Letter to the Editor | Council member debates title choice

By David Jacobson | January 29, 2018

The Northern Star is violating the intent of its stated goals. In reference to the Editorial Board’s comments in its Jan. 25 article, the Board fails to recognize the term alderman is not a pronoun; it is a duly elected title recognized within the Municipal...

Letter to the Editor: Football strategies won’t lead to winning season

By Timothy Brandner | November 27, 2017

It’s time for a shake-up in the Huskies’ offensive strategy. I spent the latter half of the NIU game against Central Michigan University in bewilderment as to why the NIU football team wasn’t running the ball more.Drive after drive after drive,...

Letter to the Editor: Low-income students need better outcomes

By Sid Kincaid | November 9, 2017

At the beginning of the fall semester, NIU Today published that NIU was recognized as a leader by the Brookings Institution. This statement was repeated by Matt Streb, NIU chief of staff at the NPR State Budget forum on Oct. 17. However, after reading...

Letter to the Editor: NIU expenses and reserves misrepresented

By Lisa Freeman and Provost | October 19, 2017

As the President and Chief Academic Officer of NIU, we value financial transparency and responsible stewardship of public funds. In this context, we want to comment on the information presented in Monday’s article “21 percent of NIU funds spent on...

UCA shows gratitude to Huskies

By Jimmy Bryant | October 16, 2017

On October 26, 2008, the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) community suffered an unprecedented tragedy. Two UCA students, Chavares Block, 19, and Ryan Henderson, 18, were gunned down and killed while standing outside Arkansas Hall, a UCA residence...