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Letter to the editor: Bike laws needed on campus

By Letter to the editor | April 23, 2012

Most college campuses have bike lanes. A noticeable difference from NIU’s campus compared to many others is the absence of said bike lanes. Northern Illinois University’s Vision 2020 initiative is inherently flawed without mention of bicycle lanes....

Letter to the editor: Criticism given wrong way

By Letter to the editor | April 16, 2012

In response to “Women should be provided with unbiased abortion information,” First off, attacking a crisis pregnancy center meant to help women in a time of need that does not offer the services you would like due to your specific political ideology...

Letter to the editor: Community member encourages vote in April

By Letter to the editor | April 3, 2012

On April 10, the NIU community will have a historic opportunity to participate in the only remaining form of pure democracy that still exists. If you are a registered voter in the City of DeKalb, you will have the chance to vote to place three very important...

Letter to the editor: Columnist applies stereotype to self

By Letter to the editor | March 26, 2012

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to your publication of “(White) parents just don’t understand”, written by Linze Griebenow. “White people have what I like to call an alibi complex…when white people watch film or television and see someone...

Letter to the editor: Feminists a part of inequality problem, not solution

By Letter to the editor | March 7, 2012

Linze Griebenow- Things between men and women in this country are not yet equal, but extremists like you are part of the problem more than the solution. Instead of talking about having more women run for political office, or become doctors, or CEOs, you...

Letter to the editor: Preparation for death has been around for ages

By Letter to the editor | March 6, 2012

In response to “Last one to die, make sure you hit the lights” by Linze Griebenow, I don’t know where our columnist has been all of her life, but such practices of death preparation are and always have been in place and are operating today at full...

Letter to the editor: Play music at the correct level

By Letter to the editor | March 4, 2012

I found the article by Colin Remes on loud music to be one-sided and not considerate of others. The loud music has nothing to do with what time of day you play it, but the level of the music. You play music for you and no one else. It should be played...

Alpha Phi Omega is DNA of NIU

By Letter to the editor | February 20, 2012

I would like to express my disappointment in the Northern Star for the article published on Feb. 20 titled "Fundraising raises eyebrows Thursday: Service fraternity uses inappropriate language to gain attention and money." I am a bit confused as to why...

Fraternity apologizes to community

By Letter to the editor | February 20, 2012

To the NIU Community: I would like to formally apologize on behalf of the members of Alpha Phi Omega's Eta Chapter for any offense taken from the slogans used at the Relay for Life fundraising tables.While many of the phrases that were used to encourage...

Education shouldn’t aim at employment

By Letter to the editor | February 15, 2012

I wish I could bring some comfort and relief to Linze Griebenow ("Theory of Higher Education Doesn't Match Reality") and her "emotionally and mentally exhausted" classmates. Unfortunately, what she says about the job market is quite right, and she's in...

Letter is ‘morale-crushing propaganda’

By Letter to the editor | February 15, 2012

Apparently, an angry article about unemployment and student debt is "morale-crushing propaganda."Ms. Howard says that she works "one job that pays for less than a quarter of [her] housing." If this is so, then she is either going to be over $40,000 in...

Student responds to ‘pessimistic’ column

By Letter to the Editor | February 14, 2012

After reading "Theory of higher education doesn't match reality," I am disappointed. If Ms. Griebenow feels that writing pessimistic articles in this paper helps students make the decision to drop out or take up pot as an alternative, then I feel our...