Letter to the editor: Criticism given wrong way

By Letter to the editor

In response to “Women should be provided with unbiased abortion information,”

First off, attacking a crisis pregnancy center meant to help women in a time of need that does not offer the services you would like due to your specific political ideology is both irresponsible and shameful. Just because an organization does not offer the services you want does not make them a bad organization; it simply makes them the wrong organization for you. The purpose of the clinic is to help women decide what is right. In order to do that, they offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and someone to talk to. After this, if a woman decides on her own that it is right to have an abortion, she is free to go to a different center for the abortion. Other pregnancy centers, such as Planned Parenthood, do little to allow women to explore their options. According to a 2010 Planned Parenthood report, 91 percent of pregnant women Planned Parenthood saw that year got an abortion. In a country where the female population is split when it comes to abortion, it seems like the real center that needs to evaluate the options they offer is not WeCare, but Planned Parenthood. I hope that students at NIU see WeCare as what it truly is: a safe haven for women in crisis.

Nicholas Gray, junior meteorology major