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Summer songs to chill with

A photo of a pair of sunglasses in sand sits in front of a blue background. As summer approaches, there are songs with summer vibes you should listen to. (Northern Star Graphic)

As the spring semester slowly comes to a close, every student’s favorite time of year eventually takes its place. 

Summer is closer than ever and here are some old school songs to prepare for those sweet summer vibes. 

“Life is a Highway”

An old-school classic for kids of the 2000s, “Life is a Highway” absolutely radiates positive vibes and can easily lift your mood. 

By Rascal Flatts, this song is, unironically, perfect for cruising down the road during a sunny afternoon or playing a game of basketball with your friends. 


Another generational classic, this song by Owl City was made to be heard while walking through the warm, starry nights of summer. 

The song begins with a chill tone barely louder than a whisper, however, as the song progresses, it eventually shifts to a rock ‘n’ roll style while still maintaining the same beat. 


Written by Pharrell Williams for the movie “Despicable Me 2” in 2013, this song is a family favorite and has no trouble lifting the moods and spirits of those who listen to it. 

When this song begins to play, it can be hard not to sing along and get into a happier mood, especially when played outside in good, sunny weather. 

“Mr. Blue Sky”

An older song that saw renewed interest from a younger audience thanks to the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies, “Mr. Blue Sky” is the perfect song to wake up to on a day with nothing but blue summer skies. 

By Electric Light Orchestra, the song’s initial radio-esqueness can be quite charming. The upbeat vibe of the song can easily move you through your day. 


Infamous for opening with an electric keyboard, this song by Van Halen draws you in with its electric hum and then smoothly launches into its vocals and instrumentals. 

This song is perfect for chilling with the family in the backyard or hanging out with friends during a cookout party in the middle of the afternoon. 

“I Gotta Feeling”

This Black Eyed Peas song will quickly have any listener singing along without realizing it. 

Besides being a positive song about simply “having a good feeling” about what comes next, the song is extremely catchy and easy to learn, making it a good choice for midday or late afternoons.

“Summer Breeze”

This song is the embodiment of chilling outside and enjoying a warm summer breeze. 

The Isley Brothers’ “Summer Breeze” is a slower, more relaxed song that perfectly captures the essence of sitting outside and enjoying summer in all of its warm glory. 

“Lovely Day”

“Lovely Day” is perfect for any part of a summer day. This song by Bill Withers emphasizes the importance of continuing on in life even when times are tough.

The melody itself can be absolutely heavenly, especially when looking at the sunset and feeling the breeze on your face. When this song comes on, it feels like everything will be alright and a lovely day is ahead.

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