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‘Marvel Rivals’ showcases Loki’s charms

Loki stands in front of a white background in the “Marvel Rivals” trailer released on April 23. Loki is a new character to the game with lots of unique abilities. (IGN under Fair Use)

Marvel’s newest game, “Marvel Rivals,” has caught the attention of many fans with its Overwatch-inspired gameplay and newly dressed, fan favorite characters. 

To further showcase some of the gameplay, a 41 second trailer was released April 23 for “Marvel Rivals,” showcasing Loki, one of the game’s playable characters, and disclosing the official date for the closed alpha test. 

The main attraction of the trailer, Loki, is known for his deceptive nature and tricky magic attacks, and this nature is reflected in his character’s fighting style in the game. 

For his primary attack, Loki fires small magical energy blasts from his scepter that each have a small explosive radius when they connect with solid objects or players. 

Along with his primary attack, Loki has four other skills that allow for quick escapes and tricky tactics as well as a powerful ultimate skill. 

Loki’s main utility will be the ability to create clones, as they can also attack nearby enemies and act as distractions. While these clones are active, the player will also have the option of swapping places with any of these clones to cause further confusion for the enemy team. 

Loki also has the ability to disappear for around two seconds and escape any enemies that may have their sights set on taking him down. This combined with his ability to teleport and create clones makes him a hard character to pin down and eliminate from the game. 

While those abilities alone already make Loki extremely enticing to play, he will also have the ability to steal the appearance and abilities of one of the characters on the opposing team for a limited time using his ultimate ability. 

At the end of the trailer, the closed alpha test, an event where players will be invited to test the game in its early development stages, was revealed to be scheduled for May 10. 

The gameplay shown so far suggests that the game has great potential and the fact that each character has their own unique and intriguing abilities presents quite a few ways to enjoy playing the game. 

While this may not be the type of Marvel game many fans are used to or are familiar with playing, “Marvel Rivals” offers a different and rarer way of playing with our favorite heroes and villains.

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