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‘Marvel Rivals’ takes page from ‘Overwatch,’ ‘Valorant’

Many Marvel superheroes fight in a large-scale clash. “Marvel Rivals” is the newest Marvel game and features multiplayer PVP. (Marvel)

Marvel games are famous for their hypnotic single and multiplayer experiences with bombastic and beloved characters. 

While most of these games have been majorly successful, Marvel is now working on a new type of game, different from any they have created before. 

Known as “Marvel Rivals,” an announcement trailer was released March 27 on YouTube showcasing gameplay, characters and mechanics from the game. 

Developed by NetEase Games in collaboration with Marvel, “Marvel Rivals” is more akin to competitive games such as “Overwatch” and “Valorant” with its six versus six, third-person shooter style of fast-paced gameplay. 

The trailer confirmed 18 characters to be available on launch, those being Iron Man, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, Peni Parker, Magik, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Loki, Namor, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Luna Snow, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Starlord, Mantis, Punisher and Magneto. 

Each character will have a set of three or four main abilities and one super ability that is unique to that particular character. 

Characters who can fly, such as Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon, can hover in the air while providing cover fire for their teammates, while other characters, such as Doctor Strange and Loki, can create barriers and teleport to better support their team. 

Super abilities, on the other hand, are far more powerful and can deal devastating damage to the opposing team, but they also need to be recharged over a longer time compared to regular abilities. 

Spider-Man’s super ability, for example, can web up any enemies around him and leave them vulnerable to his teammates’ attacks, while Loki’s super ability can steal another character’s regular abilities and appearance. 

To top it all off, some characters have the ability to use “Team-up” abilities with other specific characters and unleash devastating moves and combo attacks.

The characters who can initiate these abilities are Hulk with Iron Man, Luna Snow with Namor, and Rocket Raccoon with Groot. 

The trailer confirmed one location, the streets of Asgard, for regular person-vs-person matches. Some parts of the map will also be destroyable if they take enough damage from certain attacks. 

Additionally, one objective has been confirmed from the trailer: an escort mission. One team will have to stay near a chariot traveling to its destination while the other team attempts to stop it. 

If the defensive team prevents their opponents from reaching the goal and runs out the clock, they win. However, if the offensive team reaches the goal before time runs out, the offensive team wins. 

“Marvel Rivals” is a different type of game that has a ton of potential. While the game may not look that appealing in its initial stages, it certainly can be a step forward toward other types of “Marvel” games in the future. 

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