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Plan properly for dorm move out

Brynn Krug
Posters with dorm move out instructions hang in Gilbert Hall. When moving out for the summer, it is important to be prepared and follow all of the requirements. (Brynn Krug | Northern Star)

As the end of semester quickly approaches, students juggle preparing for final exams and making plans to pack up their dorm rooms. 

Students are expected to move out 24 hours after their last final exam, according to NIU Housing and Residential ServicesStudents may request an extension but must leave before 6 p.m. May 11. 

For questions or concerns students are encouraged to reach out to their community advisor. 

According to AJ Rizzo, a resident of Neptune East Hall and junior political science major, the move out process is not too difficult if you plan ahead. 

“I’ve always seen it as a straightforward process. I normally just pick my time and date before, my parents come on the date and help me load my stuff into their car and then I sign out at the front desk,” Rizzo said. 

As a policy, students must sign out before leaving their dorm, students can schedule ahead on their MyHousing account.

Before leaving, students must make sure to remove all their belongings and restore the room to its original layout. 

Before you move out, remove any trash from your room, clean and defrost your microfridge, close and lock your windows, close the curtains or blinds, check your mailbox and pick up any outstanding packages, change your forwarding address and update your permanent address on MyNIU. Remove belongings, including from closets and drawers, and put unwanted but usable items in the donation bins, which will be located in resident hall lobbies starting Thursday. 

Right before you leave your dorm room for the last time, set your thermostat – 74 degrees for Gilbert Hall, Grant Hall and Patterson Hall; in the on position, in cool mode and set to 74 degrees in Stevenson Towers C and D; the switch in the on position with the dial set in the middle in Stevenson Towers A and B – turn off your lights and close and lock your door.

Then return your key to the front desk during your scheduled checkout time.

Students who don’t follow the cleaning and preparation guidelines might be charged fees for cleaning and damages to the room. Frequent fees include $100 for not defrosting your fridge and up to $600 for not removing your belongings. 

Planning ahead is the right way to go, as check out spots fill up fast. 

You can also start moving some of your non-essential belongings out now. Moving out over time might be more advantageous because there are so many students moving out at the same time.

“They have the carts to move your stuff, but if it’s a busy day you might not get one,” said Izzy Smarjesse, a junior mechanical engineering major.

If you wish to stay on campus over the summer, housing is available in Patterson Hall. You can learn more about summer housing on NIU’s website

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