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Enjoy summer, stay healthy

Brynn Krug
A photo illustration shows a picnic. Make sure you practice healthy habits this summer such as staying hydrated and spending time outdoors. (Brynn Krug | Northern Star)

This school year was enjoyable, frustrating and enlightening. As Huskies, we don’t give up, we preserve through the trials and tribulations that come with college.

Now that the school year is ending; the war is over, we can take off our armor and step into our bathing suits for this bright, long awaited summer break.

Transitioning from work mode to relaxation mode can be difficult for some people to wrap their heads around. Relaxation mode means no more waking up early, no assignments to turn in and more solitude. Hopefully. 

To enjoy your summer, here are a few things to keep in mind. 


Many people have busy days during the week, which can lead them to staying up late. Adults need about 7 or more hours of sleep for optimal health, according to Healthline.

When the minimum amount of sleep is not fulfilled, sleep debt increases.

To calculate how much sleep debt you have, take the average amount of sleep you are supposed to get and subtract it from how much sleep you actually get at night. The difference will be how much sleep debt you have. 

To deal with sleep debt, or “pay off your debt,” make sure you sleep 7-8 hours every night this summer. Make time during the day to take a 30 minute nap, which will lower your debt and give your body the rest it requires. 


Being inside on hot days to stay on your electronic device is time wasted while depriving your body of good weather and sunlight. Doom strolling can distract you from the beauty around you that you can actively participate in. 

Scrolling on your phone a few hours in the day may seem like a harmless habit but it can have an impact on your overall health, affecting your sleep which causes poor performance in the day, according to Health Essentials. 

If you stay in all day because you want to avoid the hot sun, consider spending time outside at night instead.

“I take night walks,” said Dariyan Mallory, a sophomore operations management and information systems major.. 

Get up, go outside and enjoy this good weather while it’s here.

Go alone, go with a friend or bring your family along. You no longer have to stay in a building getting work done and studying, your body is free to move around this beautiful planet during the summer. 


Water, water, water. 

Drinking enough water during the summertime is vital. Without enough water your body can become dehydrated, causing headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, flushed skin, poor coordination, dry mouth, eyes or lips and much more, according to Inspira Health.

To prevent these symptoms, it’s important to keep your body well-hydrated. The goal is to drink about 9-13 cups of water daily to keep yourself properly hydrated. 

Adding fruits and vegetables into your diet can also hydrate you. A clean diet during the summer will keep you energized and happy compared to fatty foods and processed foods. 

Choose a healthy diet and health habits this summer to keep you clear minded and happy, promoting relaxation and peace.

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