Alpha Phi Omega is DNA of NIU

By Letter to the editor

I would like to express my disappointment in the Northern Star for the article published on Feb. 20 titled “Fundraising raises eyebrows Thursday: Service fraternity uses inappropriate language to gain attention and money.” I am a bit confused as to why this has been brought to an issue now. At previous Relay for Life events (I have been to four here on campus) numerous items of apparel are sold with “provocative” phrases such as “Save the Boobies.” These phrases are clearly aimed at a college crowd and are able to attract attention. APO was able to raise well over $100 in change at this short event that the Northern Star has so quickly criticized.

Service and philanthropy are a part of the DNA of our campus. Service needs to be encouraged and supported. APO has contributed to this important piece of NIU’s DNA and should be commended for it. APO has been a service machine on this campus for over 80 years. Over the past decade, the group has donated well over $30,000 to the Muscular Distrophy Association through its annual Duck Race fundraiser. The organization of over 100 brothers has contributed on average 3,500 hours of service each semester. The group’s efforts have been and will continue to be applauded by the campus community.

I hope that in the future the Northern Star will help contribute to the efforts of Alpha Phi Omega and other organizations with a strong service focus so that all students can continue to be proud of this campus even after we have graduated.

David Hansell

Alpha Phi Omega Alumnus

Accountancy Graduate Student