Letter to the editor: Bike laws needed on campus

By Letter to the editor

Most college campuses have bike lanes. A noticeable difference from NIU’s campus compared to many others is the absence of said bike lanes.

Northern Illinois University’s Vision 2020 initiative is inherently flawed without mention of bicycle lanes.

The agenda of the 2020 initiative is to increase school enrollment to 30,000 students by the year 2020. This does not address the sustainable transportation methods that are available at other universities such as bicycle paths.

In practical purposes it makes sense since students cannot afford cars, and the environment cannot afford more carbon dioxide.

Many students who walk to class while wearing ear buds do not hear the ringing of bicycle bells, as bikes approach. Navigating campus on bike is extremely dangerous at times.

The Sustainable 2020 Vision disregards the need to provide sustainable and safe transportation avenues for the students and citizens of DeKalb. There is an Illinois sustainability compact school agreement in place through the governor’s office, of which NIU does not participate.

A courteous mass bicycle ride is being hosted by The Green Paws Environmental Alliance on Friday May 4, at 7 p.m., leaving from the convocation center. We have been circulating a bike lane petition to sign, urging President Peters and the University to amend the vision, to include the installation of bike lanes in the near future. My efforts and the efforts of the Green Paws Environmental Alliance will not be ignored until the university addresses this issue.


Eric Sterling,

vice-president of The Green Paws Environmental Alliance

senior anthropology major