Letter is ‘morale-crushing propaganda’

By Letter to the editor

Apparently, an angry article about unemployment and student debt is “morale-crushing propaganda.”

Ms. Howard says that she works “one job that pays for less than a quarter of [her] housing.” If this is so, then she is either going to be over $40,000 in debt by the time she graduates, or her parents are able to support her financially. If it’s the former, then she should understand the frustration expressed in Liz Griebenow’s article. If it’s the latter, then she has no business moralizing over the actions of students less fortunate than herself.

I don’t want to turn this into an “I’m poorer than you” contest. However, I work two jobs in order to support myself. I do not own the “newest shade of charcoal-grey Ugg boots,” since I cannot afford Ugg boots to begin with. I do not eat at five-star restaurants. I eat the free meals provided to me after my work shifts.

I recognize, however, that many Americans have infinitely more financial troubles than I do. As a result, I refuse to pass judgement over their actions, even if they “take up pot” or enjoy “drinking binges.”

I suggest that Ms. Howard does the same, and stops touting her financial and moral superiority over the rest of us.

Lauren Nix

Junior English Major