Letter to the editor: Play music at the correct level

By Letter to the editor

I found the article by Colin Remes on loud music to be one-sided and not considerate of others.

The loud music has nothing to do with what time of day you play it, but the level of the music. You play music for you and no one else. It should be played at just the right level for you to hear it; after all, just because you like that type of music doesn’t mean everyone else does too. That is the major fault I find from people who like to listen to their music loudly.

Just so you know, personally, I hate rock and roll. I have a constant problem with my neighbors in my building blaring their music. They don’t seem to care that not only do I not like their music, but between working full time and school full time, my days off are few and far between and I like to be able to sit in my apartment and just enjoy the quiet or read a book.

I don’t listen to music that much, but I do like opera. However, I am not going to start blaring Richard Wagner opera, because I respect the fact that not everyone likes my type of music. I wish others had that type of respect for their neighbors.

Kristina Ekes

Post-baccalaureate journalism and political science double major