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Letter to the editor: We can still move forward, together forward

November 27, 2011

I entered NIU in August of 2009. All I knew about the violence at NIU was that there was a shooting the year before in Cole hall, where six students died (yes, I acknowledge the shooter). As my freshman year started, I quickly immersed myself within the...

A Family’s Response to the Nov. 1 “Face of homelessness” article

November 13, 2011

After reading your story regarding the mother who "struggles to rise above hardships and homelessness" it was apparent not all reported information, with respect to this particular mother, was truly investigated, confirming the facts of how and where...

Letter to the editor: TAILS story should not wary those looking to adopt pets

October 25, 2011

In response to the article about pets from shelters, I would like to emphasize that one solitary adoption in no way represents adopting from an animal shelter as a whole. I adopted a dog from TAILS in DeKalb last September and, sure, he has gotten sick...

Letter: Some things are not funny

October 5, 2011

It should come as no secret to anyone that there are questions on the safety of our campus. It also should come as no secret that students feel more needs to be done to make our community safer. In today's Northern Star, the editors decided to print a...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Monsanto Ad

August 23, 2011

I'm writing in response to the planned Monsanto advertisement on a DeKalb water tower. Here's a little about Monsanto: It's a U.S based agricultural biotechnology company known for creating the herbicide "roundup." Monsanto is also known for its aggressive...

Vote on Tuesday for new city council

By Letter to the Editor | March 31, 2011

On Tuesday, April 5, NIU students and staff will have an opportunity to positively change the direction of the city of DeKalb. Yes, Election Day is once again upon us. This election will give DeKalb voters a chance to change the make-up of city council...

Letter to the Editor: Allowing guns on campuses actually does make sense

By Letter Writer | March 9, 2011

A columnist with the Northern Star recently published a piece titled "Allowing guns on campus makes no sense." The story was about proposals in nine other states, to permit persons with conceal carry permits to carry on college campuses. Although I have...

A poem for McDermott: ‘Gone too Soon’

By Ramon Holland | March 7, 2011

Editor's Note: The following is a poem in memory of William McDermott and was written by one of his colleagues.   The light was extinguished far far too soon, Charismatic and charming, a smile that lit up the room. There was never a challenge he would...

NIU should not be taking a stance on abortion

By Letter Writer | March 1, 2011

Dear President Peters, I am writing you regarding the Northern Illinois University website. NIU is a great institution and going here has been a great experience. I have no doubt that the investment I made by coming to the university will more than pay...

Taxing marijuana is the solution to Ill financial problems

By Letter Writer | February 25, 2011

Illinois’ executive branch is currently not pleasing anyone. After a raise in income tax, we still see cuts in public interest spending. Our state must be in a really sticky situation if the executive branch has decided to turn to such an unpleasant...

NIU’s 2/14 memorial proved that the campus is united

By Letter Writer | February 23, 2011

I am writing regarding the third anniversary of the tragic loss of five students on our campus. When the events of Feb. 14 [2008] occurred, I was just a sophomore in high school in Peoria, Ill. That day was a little different for me because when I turned...

Letter to the editor: Concerns about the biases of SA’s new president pro tempore are valid

By Letter writer | January 31, 2011

During the debate on the confirmation of Winnie Okafor, I brought up a letter that she had written to the Northern Star because of its racially charged tone. I was accused of taking things Ms. Okafor had written out of context, but that doesn't dismiss...