NIU should not be taking a stance on abortion

By Letter Writer

Dear President Peters,

I am writing you regarding the Northern Illinois University website. NIU is a great institution and going here has been a great experience. I have no doubt that the investment I made by coming to the university will more than pay for itself. I believe this is not only true monetarily speaking, but also intellectually speaking. I’m on my last semester as an undergraduate student and I’m proud of all that I have accomplished here.

There is, however, one thing about this university that I am not particularly proud of. That is the fact that NIU, a tax payer-supported public institution, is actively supporting abortion. The university currently has a listing of various abortion providers on its website under pregnancy “resources.”

Dr. James Brunson, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Equity, claims that NIU is not actually endorsing abortion. He claims “[NIU] provides [a] range of resources for students under the law.” In other words, abortion on demand is legal and therefore the university will provide links on its website to such “services.”

As a public university that is supported in part by tax payer dollars, NIU should not be taking a position in the pro-choice vs. pro-life debate. The reality is that putting such links on the university website is not taking a neutral position. It is actively taking the pro-choice position. NIU should not, as a public institution, be taking a position in the abortion debate.

As a pro-life student, I object to these links being on our website.

Therefore, President Peters, I request that you order the removal of such links from the university website. Such links are insensitive and offensive. No public institution should be taking a partisan position or providing free advertisement for abortion providers.

Thank you,

Joseph Lotta

senior psychology major