Letter: Some things are not funny

It should come as no secret to anyone that there are questions on the safety of our campus. It also should come as no secret that students feel more needs to be done to make our community safer. In today’s Northern Star, the editors decided to print a cartoon by Colin Leavitt with the text: “It’s OK, everyone gets shot once at NIU.”

This campus has had its share of sad and unfortunate events, and yet, instead of embracing the fact that we have come together to make this place better and safer, we make a mockery of some student fears over our past tragedies.

Yes, I was offended by the cartoon, but it is my sincere hope that all of us make choices that will help keep our fellow Huskies more safe and make our community that much greater. Jokes aside, we need to take back our campus and continue to show our unity through adversity. Be proud to be a Huskie!

Austin M. D. Quick


NIU Student Association Senate