Student responds to ‘pessimistic’ column

By Letter to the Editor

After reading “Theory of higher education doesn’t match reality,” I am disappointed. If Ms. Griebenow feels that writing pessimistic articles in this paper helps students make the decision to drop out or take up pot as an alternative, then I feel our university is not paying attention to this paper. Are we supposed to discourage students from achieving their dreams? Are we supportive of illegal alternatives to getting a degree? I came to NIU because I knew it would support me in whatever career path I chose. Seeing this kind of morale-crushing propaganda published makes me question how much the staff at the paper and the students who read it really care. They are discouraged, but that does not require them to push sentiments of illegal behavior that lands you in prison onto readers-at-large. Kudos, Northern Star. I work one job that pays for less than a quarter of my housing expenses. However, I live within my means. I do not have the newest shade of charcoal-grey Ugg boots because they are not in my budget. I do not have a phone that has conversations with me, I skip the five star restaurants and Thursday-Friday-Saturday night drinking binges other college students enjoy. These things don’t make me happy, and I know if I were to indulge in them I would be in for a world of debt. How about focusing on helping students make wise decisions with money, rather than leading them into the world with the idea that they will never amount to anything?

Elizabeth Howard

Sophomore English and French major