Letter to the editor: Feminists a part of inequality problem, not solution

By Letter to the editor

Linze Griebenow-

Things between men and women in this country are not yet equal, but extremists like you are part of the problem more than the solution. Instead of talking about having more women run for political office, or become doctors, or CEOs, you choose instead to complain about Disney movies.

Your claim that Disney films portray women in a negative light maybe true for their much older films. However, new Disney movies are a great barometer to see how far women’s equality has progressed. Have you ever seen Mulan? Here’s a story about a woman who overcomes severely negative gender stereotypes in a time and a place where the punishment for doing so was death. The result of her courage is that she saves her entire country and is praised by the emperor for it. If that’s not a movie about female empowerment, I don’t know what is.

I also want to address your claim that men holding doors for women is demeaning to women. It absolutely is not. You know who else gets the door held for them? Kings, queens, generals, and the President of the U.S. When a door is held for me, I’m being exalted, not degraded.If you want to be angry at the current state of affairs, fine. Don’t blame women like me because we have better things to do than constantly complain about how horribly oppressed we are. Because we’re not.

Sarah Rooney, junior speech-language pathology major