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A crowd of Britney Spears supporters hold up signs for the media in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Jamie Lynn Spears has no right to capitalize off of #FreeBritney

By Summer Fitzgerald | January 27, 2022
Giving an abuser a platform is not the feminism that Alex Cooper thinks it is.
Women rise in primary elections

Women rise in primary elections

By Ginger Simons | October 28, 2018

More women than ever are running for office this midterm season, and this “Pink Wave” is an encouraging sign women may be one step closer to achieving equal representation in Congress, regardless of political party.In 2017 a number of women’s issues...

Kavanaugh’s appointment instigates rape culture

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 10, 2018

The Northern Star Editorial Board feels the hearings and election of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court perpetuate rape culture, the belittling of sex crimes as a result of societal attitudes about gender and sexuality.President Donald Trump...

Question ‘gender boxes,’ masculinity

By Ryan Lee | September 24, 2014

A lack of masculine discourse is being discussed at NIU due to the efforts of the renamed Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.Combining the Women’s Resource Center and the LGBT Resource Center into one facility, the centers were merged to make one...

Speaker talks Beyonce’s influence

By Keith Hernandez | March 6, 2014

Students and faculty discussed Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s image as a self-proclaimed modern-day feminist Wednesday in the Student Holmes Center Sky Room.Carrie Williams, assistant director of the LGBT and Women’s Resource Center, coordinated and hosted...

Stickers, buttons raise awareness for women

By Kelley Byrne | March 4, 2014

Students could grab stickers and buttons with the phrase “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” on Tuesday to help break stereotypes that limit people’s views of what a feminist looks like.The event, sponsored by the Women’s Studies program, offered...

Speaker: Remember black feminists

Speaker: Remember black feminists

By Carlos Galvez | March 4, 2014

Students and faculty learned the importance of women of color in history rather than the typical approach to the feminist movement Tuesday.Katrina Caldwell, Student Affairs assistant vice president, presented a PowerPoint on black women from the past...

Female sexuality can no longer be shamed

By Jeanette Fritz | January 27, 2014

Singers are facing controversy because they’re mixing sexualized lyrics, music videos and performances with feminism.The definition of feminist doesn’t state that anyone who claims the adjective isn’t allowed to show off his or her body; it is advocacy...

Makeup a form of art

Makeup a form of art

By Jeanette Fritz | January 22, 2014

On an average day, I will spend the better half of 30 minutes perfecting my winged eyeliner and making sure my blush looks like baked apricot instead of Bozo the Clown, but by no means am I doing this for some boy.Back in December, I came across a Tumblr...

Letter to the editor: Feminists a part of inequality problem, not solution

By Letter to the editor | March 7, 2012

Linze Griebenow- Things between men and women in this country are not yet equal, but extremists like you are part of the problem more than the solution. Instead of talking about having more women run for political office, or become doctors, or CEOs, you...