Female sexuality can no longer be shamed

By Jeanette Fritz

Singers are facing controversy because they’re mixing sexualized lyrics, music videos and performances with feminism.

The definition of feminist doesn’t state that anyone who claims the adjective isn’t allowed to show off his or her body; it is advocacy for woman’s rights on the grounds of equality compared to men.

I have never understood why it’s considered a bad thing for a woman to be confident with her sexuality.

Female performers like Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus are empowering women to be secure with their bodies.

“I think anybody has a choice to do what they want, and if they choose to release a sexualized album, it’s what they want,” said freshman psychology major Alex Tavlas. “As long as they’re proud of their work and are doing it for themselves, I think it’s OK.”

Beyoncé’s risk-taking with her sexualized album and Cyrus’ music videos are encouraging to the women who listen to and watch them because it shows sexuality isn’t a bad thing.

Sexuality is a normal part of every human’s life.

The rules placed on women by society to keep their sexuality behind closed doors are getting a big middle finger by females in the music industry.

I am loving it.

Women like this are the reason why I’m a big advocate for feminism: Female sexuality isn’t something that should be hidden from the world or looked down upon.

Just because a woman says she is a feminist doesn’t mean she can’t be open about her sexuality and sex life.

Music is just one way for females to express their sexuality, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sex isn’t a foreign subject when it comes to the music industry.

Men and women sing about sex and portray sexual acts in music videos and concert performances — the biggest example would be “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

We all remember the VMAs when Cyrus performed with Thicke, but she was the one who took all the heat.

Why didn’t he get criticized for his sexual dance? It’s because in today’s society women are to be sexualized, but not sexual.

That’s where feminism, the movement for equality between genders, comes in.

Men have and will continue to be superior if we let them.

The fact that women in the music industry are stepping outside of society’s standards is a good step toward leveling the playing field.

We should be focused on these performers’ promotion of women being genuine and confident, whether it be with their sexuality or outward appearance.

It’s 2014, not the 1800s.

It’s OK for girls to walk around in short dresses and talk about sex if they are comfortable with it.

Men sexualize women all the time, but the moment a woman sexualizes herself it’s a big deal.

That’s hypocrisy, my friends.