Feminism piece lacks verification and logic

By Kelly Bauer

An Oct. 9 column on “hypocritical feminists” was misogynistic, ill-informed and illogical. As alumni of the Northern Star, we are disappointed.

At no point does the columnist, Mackenzie Meadows, actually write about feminism or address any point being made by her co-writer, Alyson Schott. Instead, Ms. Meadows writes about unnamed, “strawmen” feminists and uses stereotypes and false information to negatively portray women who are fighting for equality — making no reference to the fact many men are feminists, as well.

This misogyny and lack of accuracy and evidence is present throughout the column. One example: The piece references women wanting to call hurricanes “himacanes,” but we could find absolutely no reference to this on The Blaze — the (unreliable, conspiracy-theory-spouting) cited source — or any other forum. In fact, the only mention of it appears to come in the comments of a Blaze story from an anonymous poster who suggests “libs” might one day use the phrase “himacanes.” That’s not a source, and it doesn’t back up what’s written in the column.

Why did Ms. Meadows not speak to a representative of the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, a gender studies professor or another expert on feminism and gender inequality? A source like this could have shown how the points of the column were inaccurate, fabricated, illogical and misogynistic. Interviewing sources and researching — especially when it made us challenge our beliefs and column ideas — were all part of the Perspective section when we worked at the Star. It’s extremely troubling that no longer seems to be happening.

Even the cartoon accompanying the column is problematic: It plays on stereotypes of feminists as angry and man-hating — none of which is true or represents the key tenet of feminism, which is working for equality for women while supporting others in their pursuit for equality.

This piece displayed flagrant misogyny and a lack of journalistic integrity on par with emotion-fueled meme-sharing. We are disappointed to see the Star’s legacy tarnished in this way.