Letter to the Editor: Student Enrollment


Physical Plant’s flood cleanup applauded

I want to congratulate and thank the staff of the NIU Physical Plant for all they have done and are continuing to do in the aftermath of campus flooding. They have been working around the clock to get all classrooms and office space on campus ready for the start of classes.

The Art Building was particularly hard-hit, and the crews are continuing their efforts to ready the classrooms for later this week.

I am deeply humbled by their dedication and tireless efforts. My hat’s off to all involved in the massive cleanup effort.

Rich Holly

Acting director, School of Art

By Kevin Nedberg

Enrollment in university always has and always will be a struggle, and I think most institutions recognize that. However, I think NIU should pat itself on the back for the efforts made to both stabilize and increase our enrollment.

I do, however, think some key components are missing in the overall scope of what truly makes a student want to attend the campus. Scholarships are great, and a sense of feeling wanted can go a very long way. This is where NIU excels, in my opinion, but things like campus beautification and local offerings will forever impact a student’s decision. It’s long been viewed by many that a direct train route to Chicago could bolster not only the economy of DeKalb, but the students choosing to attend especially with transfers from communities like Elgin with Elgin Community College and Midwestern in Downers Grove. Having that dedicated transit would obviously cost a fortune, but consider what the populus might be willing to spend to cover it.

I remember my first thoughts on NIU when I arrived over three years ago for graduate school. I felt the campus was dated, dead and dying. This is not to say there isn’t beauty in spots; Looking at the main drive Lucinda, you can see dirt patches, cracked pavement, rusted out service vehicles and sun bleached colors on most the buildings, not to mention an abundance of apartments that crowd the street with no greenery to help mask it.