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Program prioritization continues

By Michael Urbanec | January 25, 2018

DeKALB — The Faculty Senate met Wednesday to discuss topics including program prioritization, school pride and the usage of Provost Chris McCord presented data from the program prioritization process the school started in fall 2015.“The...

Division persists after leadership change

By Morgan Fink | April 24, 2017

DeKALB — The Division of Student Affairs has continued to move forward after facing a semester of leadership changes and program realignment.Kelly Wesener-Michael, associate vice president of Division of Student Affairs, has been acting as the leader...

Honors program revamping

By Morgan Fink | April 13, 2017

DeKALB | After more than a semester of meetings and discussions, a team of officials are in the final phases of planning a revamp of the University Honors Program.The program offers qualified students benefits such as courses taught by top faculty, priority...

President releases update

By Alexandria Isom | March 23, 2017

DeKALB — President Doug Baker released a Program Prioritization update Wednesday outlining the progress made by administrative programs.Program Prioritization used task forces to create reports that reviewed 223 academic programs and 236 administrative...

President addresses changes

By Northern Star staff | March 8, 2017

DeKALB — An update of President Doug Baker’s November Program Prioritization progress report will be released March 22.The update will include a chart breaking down progress related to Program Prioritization thus far and pending work for administrative...

Initiatives proposed to boost enrollment

By Northern Star staff | December 1, 2016

DeKALB | President Doug Baker announced the creation of the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications which aims to make the enrollment process more efficient.In the report, Baker responded to recommendations regarding Program Prioritization,...

Undergraduate College beginning development in January

By Northern Star staff | November 30, 2016

DeKALB | NIU officials will begin developing an Undergraduate College in January to streamline resources for students, according to a report issued Monday.The college, which was inspired by models at other universities, will function as an administrative...

Diversity resource centers to report to chief diversity officer

By Northern Star staff | November 30, 2016

DeKALB | President Doug Baker acknowledged the importance of NIU’s diversity resource centers but said they are in need of “[a] clear mission and foci” in a report issued Monday.In the report, Baker responded to recommendations regarding Program...

President Doug Baker speaks about what Program Prioritization will look like for faculty, staff and students at a Town Hall meeting last spring in the Holmes Student Center. Bakers decisions will begin to be implemented as a result of his report which was released today.

NIU President disagrees with 25 program resource allocations

By Northern Star staff | November 28, 2016

DeKALB | President Doug Baker disagreed with 25 of 236 task force recommendations which determine each administrative programs' resource allocation.The report can be viewed here. Baker released the President's Progress Report at about 3:15 p.m. today...

Administrative programs changes to finalize

Administrative programs changes to finalize

By Leah Nicolini | November 21, 2016

DeKALB | President Doug Baker will finalize changes to 236 administrative programs from Program Prioritization Nov. 28.His feedback on the task force reports will be released as the President’s Progress Report. Baker’s recommendations are final, unless...

Offices merge in hope of increasing efficiency

By Nancy Galan | October 27, 2016

DeKALB | For the past seven years, the Scholarship and Financial Aid Offices have worked together to help students find financial resources, and this semester, the two combined because of a Program Prioritization recommendation.Program Prioritization...