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A pile of papers stacked ontop of each other. When professors hand out syllabi, make sure to read them thoroughly. (Northern Star File Photo)

How to reference a syllabus

By Sarah Rose, Assistant Lifestyle Editor | August 27, 2023

A class syllabus is one of the most important things a college student will read in their years at university. So, what is it? A syllabus is a multi-page outline that details how the class will be run and what the professor’s expectations are from the...

A young woman in an online course taking notes at a desk.

Fill in the Blank: Online classes are…

By Emily Beebe, Assistant Editor | February 9, 2023

…Great Online classes can be great at times, because if you are like me and do not like talking to people, then online classes, especially asynchronous ones are great, because then you do not have to talk to people. You can also just do all of the...

A young woman taking notes while on her computer during an online class.

Poll: Do you pay attention during online classes?

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Editor-in-Chief | January 31, 2023

Since the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic students have grown accustomed to taking courses from the comfort of their rooms. While the ability to attend classes might be easier online, are students actually paying attention?  A study of 253 university...

A students laptop displays the opening screen for Blackboard, NIUs primary website for classes. Blackboard is still vital to classes no matter the method of instruction.

Fill in the blank: Best format of classes

COVID-19 has allowed for several new formats of classes to be normalized.
Haley Galvin

Haley’s story: Balancing school and work while fighting cancer

By Haley Galvin | November 12, 2020

Being a college student and working at a newspaper was really hard last semester in the midst of the pandemic. Now, this semester, I am helping manage that newspaper, and I am battling cancer, while still taking five college courses. To say that it’s...

Northern Star contributor Alma Garcia (fifth from left) stands in 2008 with native Malawian teenagers 2008 in Chitunda, Malawi.

That time I volunteered to build a school in Malawi, Africa

By Alma Garcia | January 15, 2020

Northern Star contributor Alma Garcia (fifth from left) stands in 2008 with native Malawian teenagers 2008 in Chitunda, Malawi.


Study Scores

By Victoria Lambton | October 30, 2017


Faculty Senate holds final meeting of the semester

By Logan Love | April 25, 2013

Passing three resolutions, members of the Faculty Senate sent a message to the administration about the meaning of shared governance at its final meeting of this academic year on Wednesday. Representatives at the meeting said shared government should...

NIU from a transfer student’s perspective

By Brenda Krause | April 24, 2013

The transition from high school to college is an exciting, unnerving experience. Incoming freshmen can relate to the cliche analogy, “Small fish in a big pond.” As a post-transfer student, I can also relate. I previously attended Western Illinois...

School is like a marraige

By Kim Randall | April 14, 2013

Long hours. Hectic schedules. Sleepless nights. Headaches. You’ve been living this way for quite some time now, and you’ve grown tired of all that has become of your life. The fun, the spark, the light that shines bright has all left and you just...

The Clery Act needs amending

By AJ Edwards | April 7, 2013

Every year, universities publish a safety report under the Clery Act. Issuing these reports is a great idea; however, there needs to be some adjustments made in order to be more accurate and effective at giving future and current students safety information....

NIU professor holds seminar on importance of the arts

By Newell Miao | March 27, 2013

The arts are dying, but we can save them, said Alicia Schatteman, assistant professor in the Division of Public Administration. Schattman presented research data pertaining to how the arts are funded in Illinois and the effects of this type of funding....