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NIU President Doug Baker discusses his trip to the State Senate, at which he and other university administrators testified about how a 12.5 percent or 20 percent budget would affect the university, during Wednesday’s University Council meeting in the Holmes Student Center. University Council members also voted to pass a student grievance policy and discussed how online class guidelines need to be reviewed by the council.

Grievance policy passes with applause

By Carlos Galvez | April 3, 2014

A grievance policy that will give students guidelines to resolving issues with faculty members was passed with 50 votes by the University Council Wednesday.Student grievance policyThe student grievance policy has been a heavily discussed issue for more...

Editorial: Student grievance policy: Vote yes, but amend

By Northern Star Editorial Board | April 1, 2014

A student grievance procedure has been discussed for more than 10 years. Today, it is time to end that discussion with a vote to initiate the policy into the bylaws of NIU.But, certain amendments to the policy must be made to ensure it is truly just for...

Issues in Focus: What should NIU change first?

By Perspective Staff | March 19, 2014

Kim RandallAdding major-specific courses to NIU’s general education is key to enhancing the university’s curriculum and benefiting students.This change could make students more engrossed in their studies, boost grades and even increase participation...

SA leaders push for vocal grievance policy support

By Jackie Nevarez | March 19, 2014

University Council will vote on whether to pass a student grievance policy on April 2.The grievance policy would give students due process to resolve issues and prevent future students from experiencing similar problems, said Bill Pitney, chair of the...

Grievance policy going to UC

By Carlos Galvez | March 3, 2014

Student Association leaders warned senators a student grievance policy may face a challenge at University Council at the SA Senate meeting Sunday.SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke addressed the grievance policy, which is meant to target students who feel...

Editorial: Grievance policy for NIU a necessary step

By Northern Star Editorial Board | December 8, 2013

The Northern Star Editorial Board believes having a formal student grievance system is an essential step in NIU becoming a student-centered university.The grievance policy, which is based on the system that mediates issues between faculty members, is...