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Top 5 Super Bowl commercials

By Jemea Green | February 3, 2020

Number 5 – Hulu: “Tom Brady’s Big Announcement”With Tom Brady getting older, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not he would retire. He also posted a picture on Twitter making it seem like he might be done with football, or maybe...

Top 5: Take road trips, go camping during summer

By Anthony Szudarski | April 30, 2014

The semester is just about over, and I’m extremely grateful for that fact.Here are my top five suggestions on what to do with your summer vacation.No. 5: Just relaxTake the time to catch your breath and do nothing for a while.While some of us will be...

Top 5: Improve commuter parking, WiFi over break

By Jeremiah Caterina | April 16, 2014

NIU’s administration will be hard at work over summer improving our university. Here is what changes I want before the fall semester.No. 5: Sell beer at Huskie StadiumI don’t really understand why we don’t sell beer at the stadium.The university...

#1 Story of the Year (Part 2): NIU invades the BCS

By Matt Hopkinson | May 1, 2013

On Jan. 1 the football team engaged in possibly the single largest event in school history: the Orange Bowl. There may have been other events that put NIU in the public eye, but perhaps not in the most positive manner. As much as NIU is an institution...

#3 Story of the Year: Basketball’s 4-points half

By Brian Earle | April 29, 2013

Men’s basketball made history after giving one of the worst offensive performances in college basketball this season. In a 42-25 loss to Eastern Michigan, the Huskies set four NCAA records they are not proud to be at the top of. In the first half of...

#4 Story of the Year: Doeren leaves NIU

By Matt Hopkinson | April 28, 2013

Perhaps overshadowed by NIU’s appearance in the Orange Bowl is the man who led the football team, leaving right before the game was announced. Former head coach Dave Doeren spent just a little under two years at NIU, going 23-4 and nearly undefeated...