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Ben Donovan, Student Association director of Governmental Affairs, talks to senators at a Jan. 25 SA Senate meeting about a proposal to lower DeKalb’s bar entry age from 21 to 20. Donovan said the SA will give a statement about the idea at today’s City Council meeting.

Lower bar entry age gaining support: Student Association

By Ashley Morse | January 26, 2015

The Student Association Senate held a reading and discussion Sunday for a resolution to support lowering the entrance age to bars from 21 to 20 in DeKalb.Ben Donovan, Student Association director of Governmental Affairs, said the SA is aiming to change...

Two-year housing plan gets new look

Two-year housing plan gets new look

By Brian Guttman | September 25, 2013

Eric Weldy, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment management, is re-examining the proposed second-year residency program.First revealed in a Board of Trustees meeting on May 10, 2012, the program is part of the “Residential Renaissance.”...

NIU softball to participate in SIUC tournament

By Katelyn Connery | February 27, 2013

The softball team (5-5) will participate in the Southern Illinois tournament in Carbondale this weekend. This tournament will include three games against in-state rival teams Western Illinois University and Southern Illinois University, along with Butler...

Men’s tennis defeats Western, falls to Wisconsin in matchup

By Thomas Hiley III | February 24, 2013

Men’s tennis split its Saturday matchups against Western Illinois University, winning 7-0, and University of Wisconsin–Green Bay, losing 4-1. The Huskies’ first matchup was against WIU and they won by a clean sweep, improving their overall record...

University Council vetoes plus/minus grading system

By Felix Sarver | October 10, 2012

Approved changes to the plus/minus grading system were vetoed at the University Council meeting Wednesday. The plus/minus grading system, first proposed by Faculty Senate and sent to various university committees for debate and approval, was vetoed 27-19....

The Dark Side of Facebook: Study finds correlation between social media activities and narcissim

By Mary Diamond | April 1, 2012

With 845 million monthly users as of December 2011, Facebook is a social media trend that has touched more lives than just about any other website. So many people interacting in one virtual place has researchers looking for correlations between Facebook...

Northern Star File Photo - NIUs Sarah Mclaughlin backhands a tennis ball.

Men’s women’s tennis set for weekend matches

By Sean Anderson | February 22, 2012

NIU men’s and women’s tennis will both hit the hard top this weekend.The women’s team will travel south to Carbondale for matches against Arkansas State and Southern Illinois.The Huskies (5-2) opened the season with a loss, but have turned their...

Students have mixed feelings about universities’ use of slogans

By Linze Griebenow | November 21, 2011

Amanda Owens, senior sociology major at Northeastern Illinois University, said she forgot colleges have slogans. "Can you tell me what [the university slogan] is?" Owens said. Northeastern's slogan is "Learn in the City, Lead in the World." Recently,...

Does DeKalb have a good bar scene? No.

By Aaron Brooks | September 21, 2011

When I attended Western Illinois University, I loved going to the bars. The atmosphere that was available to explore was so pleasurable: country, rock, and break your neck dance freak out. The funniest was to do all three in the same night. The best thing...

Mike Morocco, senior time arts major, takes the eco park bike
path as a shortcut back to his apartment Tuesday afternoon.

NIU may be paving the way for new bike paths

By Chelsey Boutan | September 20, 2011

Before NIU Sgt. Alan Smith crosses from one side to the other on the sidewalk, he always looks over his shoulder. "I've almost been hit several times just walking down the sidewalk," Smith said. "You have to turn around because the bikes just fly through."...

Illinois Universities see decline in enrollment

Illinois Universities see decline in enrollment

By Jessica Sabbah | May 2, 2011

Since fall 2006, NIU has seen a decline in enrollment by about 5.8 percent. Although NIU is not the only four-year Illinois public institution to suffer a dip in enrollment between fall 2006 and fall 2010, other schools have grown over the past four years....

NIU Police Department will have 14 unarmed security guards. These security personnel will operate as foot-patrol security guards for the NIU campus and in the immediate vicinity where many students live.

Serious crime concerns are not unique to NIU campus

By David Matz, Kyla Gardner, and Alex Fiore | November 17, 2010

In the weeks since the disappearance and murder investigation of NIU freshman Antinette "Toni" Keller, campus safety and security has been a concern for NIU students and the surrounding community. In a letter sent home to parents and family members of...