Monster within

There is a “monster” which is in control of several people in the NIU community. This “monster” haunts mostly women although increasing numbers of men are coming forward with the disorder. People afflicted with it describe their lives as revolving around food and are often hypersensitive about their weight and appearance. In general, people with this problem are overachievers and appear to be coping extremely well with the stresses life involves, but in reality are feeling on the verge of losing control. To soothe these rushing feelings a person afflicted by the monster will often turn to food or may do the opposite by going to extremes in avoiding it. People who turn to food may eat large quantities of it uncontrollably until they are so full that they fear they may burst. As a result, this “monster” makes the person feel guilty and ashamed of loosing control and may force the individual to do a number of things to get that food out of his or her system, some of which have proven to be fatal.

It is unfortunate that the “monster” has taken over so many intelligent, and respected people, but there is hope for those it has in its clutches. A unique group for people who think or know they have an eating disorder has started at The Family Center located on the corner of Lucinda and Garden Rd. (429). This group meets on Wednesdays from 12:00_1:30 p.m. and focuses on the roots of these disorders as well as working towards recovery. If you would like to get the “monster” out of your life and put the fulfillment back in, come meet with us Wednesday the 28th. We are eager to help those who take THE FIRST STEP. Call to reserve your spot 753_1684 or just stop by at noon.

Kerri Chwala

Graduate student

SMFT HFR department