Poll: Which holiday food is the best to chow down on?


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Every family has their own holiday traditions, especially with their meals. That can include meats, sides and desserts.

Thanksgiving has already passed but while we were busy stuffing ourselves with all kinds of assortments of homemade goods, a debate as old as the holidays itself continues to rage on at various dinner tables. Which holiday food is best? While everyone has their own food preferences it seems only one can reign supreme as the best holiday dish.

This dish itself needs almost no introduction. We know it as the iconic Thanksgiving dish, Turkey. For those of us who do eat it, Turkey offers a rather bland taste and a chewy texture. Turkey is like a reliable friend, safe, predictable, even if it’s a bit boring. The appeal of turkey may not be in particular a certain knockout taste but perhaps the fact that it can bring people together. 

There is another superstar holiday food though and that’s ham, while ham is definitely the most flavorful out of the other dishes it also comes with its own array of toppings and ways to prepare it including the bone. It never fails to keep dinner tables engaged for any event that is lacking flavor. 

Taking a break from meat entrees, holidays really find themselves incomplete without the presence of a good side dish, but when it comes to the holidays mashed potatoes seems to find itself in the presence of every holiday dinner. The side works better when with another dish but this creamy blend can be eaten by itself as well and tastes pretty darn good too. 

All holiday dinners must come to an end at some point and there’s no better way to end it than a sweet sweet desert finish. 

While there’s all kinds of desserts to eat over the dinner table, like apple pie or fruitcake, the ultimate dessert for the holidays would be pumpkin pie. Usually thought of as a Thanksgiving delicacy, only pumpkin pie has an iconic taste and is quintessentially American. Unlike apple pie, the sweetness is not overwhelming at all and it adds a nice relaxing finish to a hearty dinner. 

Another example of holiday dessert wonder is gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread cookies are as Christmas as Christmas can gets but it definitely deserves the praise. Being in the shape they are the crack of the cookie as you bite down  couldn’t be more delicious. The fact that they come in batches makes the fun even more endless. If you pair it with milk you’ll get an unforgettable Christmas dessert.

Food can be one of the best way to bring people together, especially around the holidays.

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