Can’t see beyond

This letter is in response to “Greek Excesses” written by Peter J. Gogola. Usually I would not bother responding to an “anti-Greek” letter written by an ignorant person who has no facts to back up their ridiculous stereoypes, but this letter was so ludicrous that I had to respond.

First, Mr. Gogola, where did you come up with this “White Student Union?” The Greek system is made up of many different cultures and races, not just whites. And as for loud music, crazy driving, and litter, where on campus doesn’t this happen? Why single out the Greeks?

As long as you continue to live by Greek Row, why don’t you open your eyes to the many positive aspects of Greek life?

I question why you put “philanthropic” organizations in quotes. Our organization has raised and donated over $1,000 to charity this semester alone.

You also seem to question our intelligence. For your informaton, Mr. Gogola, our chapter GPA is significantly higher than the all-women’s and all-campus GPA. Every house on Greek Row has some sort of scholarship program and many houses consider academics their number-one priority.

Maybe if you took a better look, you would see that Greeks are not simply racist people who guzzle beer and try to get lucky. We make many contributions to this campus and to the DeKalb community.

Greeks not only give money to charity, they give their time. We sent packages and letters to the troops at war, spend time with the elderly, clean up the community and play with terminaly ill children, to name just a few.

I am very proud to be part of such a caring organization and it is a shame people like Mr. Gogola can’t see beyond the typical Greek stereotype.

Christine Tyrell


Alpha Delta Pi