X-mas pet care

Just a reminder to all students with pets—before you go home for the holidays, please make sure that you have made appropriate arrangements for the care of your animals over the holidays.

Too often, animals are abandoned as students return home. Having a pet is a full-time responsibility and you must see to it that the animal under your care is provided for.

If you find that you cannot keep your pet please make every effort to find a suitable home for your companion. Contact the Student Committee for Animal Welfare at 748-4338 for suggestions on locating a home for your pet.

Additionally, if you have fish that you can no longer keep, Wet Pet Rescue takes in “homeless fish” at no charge. They may be reached at 756-4942.

‘Tis the season of peace and goodwill, please extend that compassion to your companion animals.

Sandy Delery

Graduate student

Elementary Education