Repudiate ad

The Northern Illinois University Faculty Senate approved the following statement on Nov. 25:. In printing the advertisement on “The Holocaust Controversy” The Northern Star engaged in a legitimate exercise of its First Amendment freedom.

2. However, freedom entails responsibility. The Northern Star was responsible for observing its own policies. The Northern Star was also responsible for determining whether the advertisement was genuinely heuristic or merely malicious. It is not clear that The Northern Star either accepted or carried out its responsibilities.

3. Informed judgment is a prerequisite to responsible journalism. The student editors of The Northern Star should recognize that they may at times be faced with complex or delicate issues.

“The Holocaust Controversy” advertisement was calculated to inflame citizens within this community of learning, to negate rational and scholarly discourse itself, and to raise funds for a cause completely repudiated by all of the scholarly evidence generated in all of the fields of research and discourse relevant to those occurrences in recent history which have come to be known as “The Holocaust.”

J. Carroll Moody


Faculty Senate